Listed below are a few things to consider to enable you to achieve An Easy Move.

Unusual or heavy items – always inform us of any items that will require specialist packing materials, equipment or extra manpower.

Access – narrow roads, sharp bends and low bridges can all cause difficulties for large removal vehicles, so please let us know if you think there may be a potential problem.

Parking – for loading and unloading purposes we need to park as close as possible. If there are parking restrictions we may need to ask the local authority for a parking permit.

Packing – if you are doing your own packing, please use smaller boxes for the heavy items such as books. Use the appropriate amount of paper for breakable items, padding out the bottom of the box, as well as the top. Boxes travel better when they are full to the top but not bulging. Don’t forget to label the boxes so that you know which room they should be put in on arrival.

Remember to dispose of any oil in deep fat fryers etc. before packing! Open bottles, including alcohol, should not be packed in case of leakage.

Petrol must be emptied from lawnmowers, strimmers etc. as well as all motor vehicles before transportation.